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The Amen Commission Church
The new look of The Amen Commission Church

The Amen Commission Church is a house or family and part of the body of Christ with an intention of raising mature sons of God, who will fully represent him to fulfill all his purposes as he intended from the beginning.

Dr. Kamanda Robert ministering to the local church in Makerere Kikoni

Dr. Kamanda Robert and Pr. Christine Kamanda, his wife, are the Senior Elders of this house, together with sons in one accord to do and accomplish the works of the heavenly father.

Dr. Kamanda Robert meets the new converts after service

The doctrine of Christ is our doctrine, which is also known as the Apostles’ Doctrine in the book of Acts 2:42. This is the church which was lead by the apostles, not as gifted apostles but those who have really known him who was from the beginning, which are the fathers or elders.There was a standard at which this church was operating, to the extent that no one of them lacked or owned anything. That standard declined some time after the apostles had slept but we are pursuing to restore this standard.

We are purposing everybody to understand the resurrected Christ.

The origin of the name “THE AMEN” COMMISSION

God gave His servant, Dr Kamanda Robert, 2Corinthians 1:20, “ . . . for no matter how many promises God has made, they are yes in Christ. And so, through Him The Amen is spoken by us for the glory of God.”

The root word “The Amen” implies that as we believe and trust the Lord, all the promises of God are yes and The Amen (Christ) shall be spoken for the glory of God. Again in Revelation 3:14, Christ is called “The Amen” – The Faithful and True witness, The Ruler of God’s creation. This clearly shows “The Amen” to be Christ. Hence The Amen commission Church derives its name.

The Basis of the Missionary Calling:

In the year 2000, God called me into ministry, and literally, I got this name THE AMEN COMMISSION which literally meant that the Amen, Jesus Christ is commissioning me with a message (a program) Finding the lost 2×2 mission. This program was kept in shadow until 2004, when the Lord audibly spoke to me to take out his church out of the four walls, for the accomplishment of his mission on the earth.

According to John 17:18, Jesus said, as you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world. And therefore, we realised that Jesus Christ (The Amen) has commissioned us into the nations of the world to manifest his word in all nations, the nations to hear, see and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

This is when Finding the Lost 2×2 Mission was born at The Amen Commission Church in October 2004, on a one Sunday morning service in the church at Makerere Kikoni; Kampala – Uganda (during the worship service). As we praised God in songs, (between 8:00 – 11:00 a.m.), He spoke to Dr Kamanda Robert to take the church out for world Evangelism. This is the home of Finding the Lost 2×2 Mission that has now reached twenty seven countries of Africa with the gospel of the kingdom of God – for the Glory of the Lord.

I could not get the whole picture at the beginning, but from 2004, Finding the lost 2×2 mission has been progressing in revelation and understanding of the word and purpose of God.

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